Family farm

Pr' Komarjevih

A small family farm engaged in mixed farming since 1850. The main activity is production of wine Teran, but we can boast of other products as well. We're especially proud of our London Dry Gin (Komarjev Gin).

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Komarjev Gin

  • Komarjev Gin A+


    This London Dry Gin is destilled with domestic herbs which are picked by hand and with great care.

    This gin is aromatic with smooth and mouthful taste, perfect for summer refresment with Medditeranian Tonic or Sparkling water.

    It won gold award at Gin Brin Festival 2021 and silver in 2022, and gold award at WORLD GIN AWARDS 2023 in London and was also a country winner.

  • Komarjev Medeni Gin B+


    This is Komarjev A+ London Dry Gin infused with home made honey and enriched with additional domestic herbs.

    It has sweet, smooth taste and resembles a liqueur. It is perfect for winter spoiling.

    This gin won a Silver award at Gin Brin Festival 2022.

  • Komarjev Chilli


    Chilli sauces of various fruity flavours and levels of spiciness. From mild to hot, hot, hot...dare to try?

    All chillies and other ingredients are homegrown with lots of care.